9a78b6fb851083b2e23ffb9f8c1863a4“Just one more,” I think to myself.

“Okay, that doesn’t quite do it for me, one more please…” I mutter under my breath.

These words come to me after four to five hours of binge watching Netflix. Let’s be real, sometimes it’s up to 12 hours. But for the purpose of people judging me, let’s stick with four to five.

My problem isn’t a lack of ambition, lack of hobbies, or a social disorder. My problem is I actually think my life is what is happening on Netflix.

First show binge; Scandal. Ohh this one was good. Was about five years late to the game but that made watching every episode that much better. It also made shutting it off at 2 a.m. that much harder. But, what I did learn while watching this series, is I now have what it takes to run the country. Yes, you heard me. I learned about back of the house deals, how to manipulate people and that I am untouchable. Man it feels good!

Meanwhile, I brought out the trash today and as I went to throw it in the bin, I hear a commotion, as my trash bag goes airborne through the air and “Clunk!” into the bin, a GIANT squirrel jumped out and almost killed me. What did my dog do? Run. That little four legged ‘protector,’ RAN. Followed by me.

My second binge show; Prison Break. This too proved to be a good watch, pretty sure it is what happens on the back end of everything that was going on in Scandal. Conspiracy? I think so. During this show I realized my potential to break out of any building, trap or situation. I know how to think five steps ahead of everyone. Nothing was a surprise during the show, I saw it all coming, because I too am brilliant.

Meanwhile, I got out of my car yesterday with the seatbelt still fastened.

I may have a few obstacles in my way before I run the country or create a prison break, but, it’ll happen. You wait.

Current Binge; Locked Up Raw. Thinking about getting a pen-pal.


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