Text to the Heart

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When ‘Hi’ leads to ‘where have you been all my life?’ 

When a snap leads to smiles

When eyes pierce the soul

When lives were intertwined long ago

Where does one go from here

What road is paved for greatness

How do you rid the mind of ‘why not then’

How do you stop the heart 

Digging deeper beyond your soul

finding strength from somewhere within

There are no signs on the road ahead

merely pebbles that are out of place

Find your heart, find the path

Listen to your mind, listen to others

Follow your dreams, stumble and fall

Seek the doubt, find the truth

Never lead with your heart, always use your mind

Find the resilience from angels

Same routine every day, every time

This time the frog must leap

From lily to lily, heart to heart

One must simply be

Lust does not choose its victims 

For the victims asked to be found

Those who fight what the heart wants

are being summoned by those who beckon

One must follow the mind, not let others in

Always protect the walls that were built

Let the walls tumble, brick by brick

Allow the mind vacation from the monotony

Encourage demolition

Enable to heart to lead

For once the mind has stepped away

all truth is allowed to shine

Only then will everyone know

What I see when I look in your eyes

Copyright Kristin Marthaler 2017