Deuces 2016!

fullsizerender-12Dear 2016, 

Tonight as I sit down in my half broken recliner, cover up with a blanket my sister made, and watch my dog huff at the window wanting to attack a squirrel, I think about you. I think about what you have brought me this year and what you have taken from me. Oh the great things you have taken from me!

Originally I started this letter to tell you of my disgust for you. How you have taken things from me that can never be replaced. How you have beaten me down within an inch of life. I wanted to share how great it would be tonight to forget you. What it would feel like to drink away your memory. Rip your chapter out of my diary.

I wanted more than anything to say goodbye to you with middle fingers flying high in the air, while Beyonce’s, I’m Not Sorry, is blaring. I would march off into the night certain I had told you off and 2017 would never treat me the way you did.

The only problem with that 2016, is that what I’m mad about, are mostly my actions. Some circumstance with life, and some where cause and effect. I could blame everything on you, but you see, you are not where the problem lies.

You gave me a year of family and friends. A year of employment and a roof over my head. You gave me a year of growth, humility and reflection.
So while I also have strong hatred of you, I thank you 2016. Because of you, I will be grateful for every little moment 2017 has to offer. Because of you, I will recognize greatness when it comes. Because of you, I am stronger.



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