Little but Mighty

As I leaned over the sink to put the last dish in,  a tear fell to join it. It caught me off guard, why would my tears be falling. I don’t hate dishes THAT bad.

Then another, and another. The last few months flashed before my eyes and a feeling of failure, disappointment and regret filled my mind as more tears began to fall. Normally I fight it, tell myself big girls don’t cry and stop the feelings. This night, I let them fall. I needed it. I needed this moment to myself, to let myself feel.

This year has been rough. I started a new career, lost one of my favorite cousins in the world and witnessed a friend dealing with cancer first hand.

After the tears have fallen. I give myself three minutes. I focus on the positives; I have a new great career, I now have the most adorable guardian angel and my friend is able to still walk and they will beat this.

This blog is more for me than it is for you, I need to remember why I had a rough year, yet it was one of the best.

  1. My little sister got married.
  2. Reunited with my best friends from college.
  3. Hung out with great friends in SD and some new additions!
  4. Had a great ladies night with Robin, Lauren, Dani and Valera.
  5. Jets Pizza wished me a Happy Monday.
  6. When you go out with Abby, it means something a little different when it comes to dress code.
  7. Our growing family with the addition of Scott and Bria.
  8. My lovely cousin Mandy allowing me to take pre-baby pictures with her.
  9. Taking Ryan and Jayshawn to the State Fair. This is after Ryan chose less rides in order to bring him along.
  10. Jim jumping in the ocean after his open heart surgery.
  11. Great friends who were co-workers and are so much more.
  12. Abby and Jessie’s ability to not have correct accents.
  13. My cousin Phillip and Kelley getting married.
  14. Getting to know all my aunts and uncles on a whole new level in Mexico.
  15. Watching Sue and Jim – always will be big brother and little sister.
  16. All the moments I had with Miss Lou.
  17. Almost sinking in a boat. But I saved our lives.
  18. Getting re-aquainted with my dad. Don’t recommend 7 days straight in same room to do it. 🙂
  19. Friends who inspire me to be better.
  20. Cousins who are best friends. They knew your childhood and still love you.


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