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                                        trust your pant size.

Bah! I am done! I am done with it all! 

As some of you know, I have been trying to lose weight this recent year, and so far, I have gained five pounds. So it’s working well (insert sarcastic laugh).

I was cleaning out my first aid, turned pill, bin this evening, as suddenly I was motivated to clean. Most pills in the bin were expired in 2010, some in 2008, however I, at some point, felt I may need them in the future. While going through the expired pills, my pile for weight loss pills grew…and grew…and grew.

It hit me. Here in front of me are the 11 times I tried to lose weight over the last couple years and failed. Never stuck to it. Some I even tried twice, I apparently lose things, that are where I put them, because some weren’t even open.


Eleven times I told myself I need to lose weight and gained 5 pounds.

Eleven times I failed.

Eleven times, I had no self control.

Most of you have been there, you feel defeated and feel like it will never change. The scale never seems to rewind, only goes in fast forward. When you are ready to make a change, it’s the holiday’s, you’re on vacation or it’s…Monday.

In no way am I comparing myself to skinny people or thinking I’m to fat to live life, not at all. I am happy with my life.

I’m not envious of skinny women. I am envious of the fact that they have more self control than I. Envious that they have more determination and strength than I. Instead of that inspiring me, I eat a bag of Oreos to cope. When will this roller coaster end? When will enough be enough?

I know my weight is an issue for dating, I love myself and my body, but the eye is only attracted to certain things. My weight is covering my winning personality right now. (Two thumbs up doing the happy dance.)

It’s a struggle. It’s real. It’s hard. I cope by saying, “if he doesn’t love me big, he will never know how to love me.” When really I want to say, “I can’t eat responsibly for 30 days straight and that is my problem.”
Looking back at the times that I have failed,  it’s probably more than eleven. It’s like drinking, after a bad night, you are like NEVER AGAIN! Then Tuesday happens and you need a beer to get through the next few hours of life.

So I am going to try something different. I’m calling it the 3 – 6 – 9 Plan. I will eat well for three days, track it. Have one day off. Eat well for 6 days straight, track it. Have a day off. Then eat well for 9 days straight, track it. Did I just make this up? Hell ya. But it’s something I am going to try and I will do whatever it takes to get back on track.

And if I make it to 9 days, well I’m going to be famous because that worked on my lazy bum and I’m going to market it! 

Send positive vibes!

It starts right now!




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