Top 10 Wedding List

Every wedding has epic moments, moments that make you smile and moments you will never forget. Here are my top ten moments from Jessie’s wedding.

10. Bria putting on her flower girl dress and doing a princess dance while her eyes lit up. 13901302_10100799356241646_4474221070404215376_n

9. Charlotte getting her hair done like Elsa and getting ready at 9 a.m. for the 4 p.m. wedding.

8. Butch being an awesome tour guide and driver of the RV to and from the wedding.13895065_10100799343861456_4555704956091413874_n

7. Ryan’s tie not fitting quite right.


6. Bria asking Grandma Pauline if today was the day Darlene would become her grandma.

5. Quitin yelling he doesn’t know how to read during gift opening.

3. RV ride. No comment.

2. My nephew’s speech.


1. My sister’s thank you speech to the attendees and then announcing they were off to make babies.



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