Speech! Speech!

13934712_10100799703231276_1114686817573606450_nI am never short of words. I always have a comment, an antidote to add or  questions to ask. I always have words. That was until it came to my Maid of Honor speech this last weekend in which my little sister got married.
I had rehearsed rap songs, even re-wrote the lyrics to Hakunamatata to “I Love you A Lot-a”. It was going to be epic.

But I backed out. It took me a few days to be okay with the fact that I had given a bad speech. Not a bad speech, but epic-less speech. The way I see it, my sister is a simple woman. She loves agriculture, her husband and Bria. She is a family woman and doesn’t need nice things. Besides Victoria Secrets and $100 jeans. 

When I looked back at her life and mine, and put into perspective how much of an impact she has had on my life, there were no words. There is nothing I can say that describes how much I love this woman. She has taught me how to be a sister, that it’s okay to get dirty and how to let someone love her. There is so much that I could say, that words don’t do it justice.

It’s like looking at the Mona Lisa. Everyone knows what it looks like, it’s always there, but to truly define the beauty, is difficult.
I wish my sister and her new husband a lifetime of happiness!



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