Saving Grace

IMG_9935Today I walked into a salon. Not my normal salon, a lower end salon. In my mind I cursed the fact that I was there, cursed the fact I have to budget, cursed that I’m at this point. As I was greeted and gave out my information, I watched the woman slowly walk over to her area and clean her chair. She slowly swept. Meticulously cleaned her combs, and then did it again. I could tell she was trying to put off doing my hair. It’s obvious when you are the only client there and they are the only stylist open, and they take 10 minutes to clean, nothing.

I cursed the fact I wasn’t even wanted by the hairstylist. As she began my color, I learned she is a month out of school, and has only been working at this job for a month.

“Of course. My luck, get stuck with the lady who doesn’t know what’s going on,” I said in my mind.

Just negative thoughts spilled out of my mind. I was in such a sour place. Than a woman walked in. Confident, strong, she knew exactly what she wanted. I could only hear her voice, but I knew she was a woman in charge. As she came around the corner into eye shot, my eyes grew big.
The woman, had barely any hair. It was a few months worth of growing back in. It was thin, barely covered her scalp. She was frustrated it wasn’t the same length, but shared with her stylist that she is working with someone to get the hair to grow in quicker and thicker. She was on a good path and just needed everything to be evened out.

As the door opened, her stylist had to leave, several times in fact. As I cursed that stylists in my head for not being able to complete a haircut, I looked at the woman.

She was dancing in her chair, head bobbing to the music, a giant smile on her face. She was in a good place, happy and full of life. Her hair was not a hinderance, but something that just needed to be fixed.

A few minutes later I learned she had just finished chemo.

My heart sank to my feet and I felt a million pounds heavier sitting in my chair.

I was cursing the world because I had a few grey hairs I needed dyed. I was cursing the world, for no damn reason.

When striving for wanting the greatest things in the world, I constantly find myself struggling to remember to stay humble, to be thankful for what I have. I need to learn to live in the moment, dance in my chair, embrace my progress.

To the woman who probably didn’t see me watching, you are my idol, my rock, my saving grace. Thank you for showing me how to love life again.



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