Mother’s Day

To all the mothers out there! Ones who raise babies with two legs or four. To those who are raising an angel they can’t hug every day. To those who are doing it alone, being both parents. To the mothers who are alone on Mother’s Day, but never without the thought of their child. To all of you, Happy Mother’s Day!

When I think of Mother’s Day, being a mom and all it encompasses. I think of sacrifice.


That is the word that comes to mind when I think about being a mother. I am beyond enamored with those who have chosen to bare children, adopt or watch other children willingly. It isn’t easy.

I watched my cousins’ little girl last night. We had a great time, we played, we ate, and we cuddled. She is almost two and has the personality of an 18 year old.

This morning is when reality hit. I didn’t pee alone. I didn’t shower alone. My breakfast wasn’t good enough. And all morning I would find some little hand holding my leg or tapping me to let me know she was there.

She is always there.

The love I feel for this little munchkin is something beyond words. Same goes for her brothers and my nephew. I can only imagine how amazing it is when it is your own flesh and blood. That moment you lay eyes on YOUR child for the first time. Whether it be birth, the moment you first meet when they come running up to hug you or being handed a precious bundle, who chose you to raise them.

It makes me want to have a child and bring more joy into this world. Regardless of the sacrifice.

Regardless of the fact that this little peanut ate my last garlic bread last night.



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