Happy Mother’s Day in Heaven


You never thought you would do it alone, but you are.

You never thought it would be this hard, but it is.

You never thought this could happen, but it has.

Why should you have to do it alone?

Why can’t they live forever?

They were supposed to be there to teach you, guide you and show you the way.

How can they do that from Heaven?

How can you feel your mother’s love from so far away?

This isn’t fair, it isn’t right.

No one should have to feel the pain of being motherless.

There are so many times I want to pick up the phone to hear your voice.

So many times I want to reach out and share my stories with you.

What’s the phone number to Heaven?

I wish it could be a long distance call.

What’s the address to Heaven?

I want to tell you about it all.

I want it the way it was.
Where you were here with me.

Our arms could embrace, you could wipe away my tears.

You could make me the laugh the way you always do.

Because it has been so many years, doesn’t make it any easier.

I think I love you more now than I ever did.

There is so much to show you, so much to say.

How can you hear me, Heaven is so far away.

I have a daughter, and a little son.

I have a great job and depend on no one.

My world is so full, yet there is an empty hole.

One that belongs to you and your love.

The world looks so perfect from the outside.

But inside I still cry.

Why did you have to leave?

Why did you have to go?

There’s still so much you need to teach me.

So much I have to learn.

I need to have you here to show me the way.

I can’t do this alone, I can’t do it like you.

I will never be good enough, I will never have it all.

I need you dear mother, please hear me.

Just then, silence breaks in my mind. I hear a gentle voice say:

My dear, I have always been here with you. In your heart, your soul and your mind. I have never left you, only became one with you. When you hold your daughters hand, I hold yours. When you hug your son, I hug you. When you cry, I hold you in my arms. When you laugh, I smile so much. When you hurt, I take away the pain. When you laugh, I give you more joy. When you wonder where I am, I fill the void. Don’t hurt anymore little one. I have always been here for you. I always will be. I love you. I always have, I always will.


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