That’s a Turkey

Here’s the deal.

I don’t shop in the actual ‘farm fresh’ section. AKA, the section that isn’t pizza. But on this particular day, I had to.

My cousins and I get together every month to have a ‘family’ meal. This keeps us grounded, connected and helps us take care of each other mentally and a good meal-wise.

Since my one cousin upped the anti from Papa Murphy’s, I had to up it even more. Everything is a competition in my world. Half the time, you don’t even know you are part of it until I yell, “I win!” Call it middle child syndrome?

So I walk into the grocery store, go to the meat section and pull up a bag.

How was I supposed to know? Ugh, cooking is hard.

So I followed his instructions on how to make it. I had it all put together in the morning, the potatoes were already mixed, I was excited.

I get home 8 hours later, and the chicken does not look cooked. I had put it on low. I thought 8 hours would be plenty. I called my mom in a panic to find out how to get them actually cooked so we could eat them. Jim had suggested putting it in the oven with the potatoes.

One hour later, the food was done and the meal was amazing!! It takes a village to raise me, and I greatly appreciate it.

What family tradition do you have? Share below!




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