It’s Sure Busy Up There

IMG_6344 2.JPG


Not again! This is so hard! I just want to scream!

Breaking routine is the hardest thing in the world to do. Diets don’t work because I can’t follow through. Working out doesn’t work because I don’t follow through. Losing weight doesn’t work, because I make excuses.

Here is a legitimate conversation I had in my head this morning:

  • I should go to McDonald’s, I deserve a McMuffin.
    • No, Jessie’s wedding is in less than 100 days and you need to look hot!
  • But that sandwich has some healthy stuff on it, there is an egg.
    • Remember what the heart surgeon told dad? An egg a day is good, just not on a McMuffin.
  • If this shower takes too long, I have to get a McMuffin because I won’t have time to make breakfast.
    • You promised yourself to start today!
  • There’s always tomorrow!
    • That’s what you said for the last 8 years.

(Got of out the shower.)

  • Crap, still have an hour to get ready. It takes me like 10 minutes.
  • I bet I don’t have any eggs.
    • Yes you do, you know you do, you are making this!

The angel won and I made breakfast at home. Now flash forward to lunch.

  •  Hmmm.
    • What is healthy, but not pasta?
  • Nachos are good.
  • And somewhat healthy.
  • Wrap? Gross.
  • Iceberg salad. No thank you.
  • Grilled cheese. That is middle of the road, still better than a pizza.
  • They got cheese balls! No one has cheese balls around here! OMG I NEED SOME!
    • You did such a great job this morning, don’t ruin it! 
    • If you get fruit as a side, I will let you go to Red Lobster for supper.
  • SOLD!

The angel won again. Now flash forward to supper.

    • Look back on how well you did today with food. You have done so good. What about going a whole day without eating a huge pile of pasta. Or that amazing cheesy bread. What about sticking with what you said you were going to do. You ate FRUIT today. Don’t throw it all away.

Point my car for home.

Trickery. This angel is starting to look like the Devil.


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