I Have a Twin?

“I have a twin brother?” The shock went through my body as I snooped through my parents boxes in the basement. I was nine and boxes upon unopened boxes that weren’t mine that I could go through.

There it was, a blue Christmas bulb from 1984, that says ‘Baby’s first Christmas.’ It was blue. For a boy. I was born in 1984. But I am a girl. Confusion waved over my body.

That memory, was just that, a memory for the last 21 years. Just as quickly as I had found it, I had forgotten it.

This past weekend, all the children were home at the farm where my parents live. I made a joke that we should go through the garage and clear out all the garbage that was in there. There were boxes from when we moved to the farm 10 years ago, as well as my old boxes, and both my sisters. It was packed full. Anything we didn’t want, went in that garage.

“If everyone is here, I think we should clear it out,” my dad said with a chuckle. The chuckle comes into play, because we all know what my mom will say. She doesn’t want to go through it, we have other stuff to do, she would rather clean the office, the basement needs cleaning, etc.


It was that simple. She said ok. Was she serious? Were we really going to do this? What? I was kind of kidding earlier. I don’t want to clean. AKA, work. Sigh. I need to stop making suggestions.

So there we stand. The garage opens up and 10 years of boxes with 60 years of memories are crammed into this little garage. What we uncover is amazing.

Most of the great finds were my dad’s collectables and things he kept for no reason. Example A; the Red Telephone Book of all Hotels in the state of MN Near Railroad tracks (I believe that is the exact title). I don’t know why this was an important book, but his eyes lit up when he saw it.

My little sister found a picture of the two of us holding each other, proving we didn’t always hate each other. It was obviously posed.

Ryan, my 9 year old nephew found crutches. It was a miracle in the making because he just so happened to hurt his ankle the next day and need them.

The one thing I never found, was the blue Christmas bulb from 1984. I didn’t realize it until the end of the day. As the memories flooded back, questions swarmed my brain.

Do I have a twin? Was I supposed to be a boy?

I’m 99% certain, it was a Christmas gift that just never got to the recipient. But that 1% of me, the 9 year old in me, is just not quite sure. Let your imagination run free!




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