Winner! Winner!

Flashback a few years. 

You are around 8 – 10 years old. You are doing your homework at the kitchen table. Being forced by your parents to complete it before you can go outside and play.

After 8 hours of school, it is sooooooo hard to get it done. Then you think to yourself…

“This would be so much easier if I had a fancy pen. Not just any pen. One of those gel pens. It has different colors. I would write my spelling words so perfect!”

You would ace your homework for sure! It would be so easy to do. Just then you hear on the TV, “NOW featuring Gel Pens that GLOW IN THE DARK!”

Of course! You think to yourself. That is exactly what I need to get my homework done. AND I can do it at night in the dark. Mom would be so impressed when she woke up and all my homework was done. So you get up your courage and you ask.

“No.” Man! It’s like that is the only word in her vocabulary. I’ll go ask dad.
“Go ask your mom.” Sigh.

You think changing my strategy might help, maybe when we are out shopping, we can try and get one.

So you sit back down and struggle through your homework. Thinking about how great it will be when you get that gel pen.

Life lesson: You never buy the gel pens. You still get your homework done and the world goes on.

Flash forward to the present. 

Exciting news! When you live on your own and make your own money, your mom and dad can’t say no.

So…I bought a new keyboard and mouse for my iMac and I am so excited! Almost as excited as if I got those gel pens.




Kid in a candy store moment.

I’ll let you know how it goes after my mom calls me when she reads this. Wish me luck!



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