Today’s life lesson is brought to you by eggs. Not farm fresh, but still delicious eggs.

This morning, I decided, to make an omlete. Why not? I have the day off. Growing up, my dad was always the one to make our breakfast food at home. His specialty was egg on toast and omelets. My mom would be in charge of the pancakes and french toast. I’ve always watched. Waited for the food to be put on the table. Sometimes I had to set the table. Tough life.

So today, I thought, I can totally do that. I’ve watched it happen a million times.

Here’s how mine turned out. (Fun side note: ham is from the salad I was going to make two weeks ago and never did…)


Note this is a frying pan, not an egg pan. It was big. The size of a plate. :/

A few things I learned:

  1. Practice will make perfect, one day, I am sure.
  2. I pry didn’t need four eggs. Apparently my folks must split that up into many omelets.
  3. I didn’t absolutely fail. I was able to eat it.

Why am I sharing this story?

So many times we shut ourselves down before we give us a chance. My head tells me no more than the public does. My head tells me I will fail, a lot more than actual failure happens. Why am I so scared to try? Why not say yes? What is the worst that could happen?

Have you ever wanted to try something? Had the urge to eat something, but chickened out when it came to making it? Want to go sky diving but just can’t pull the trigger?

Do it!

Try it!

You never know what you can learn.

Maybe one day it will become the one thing that brings you the most happiness. Your regret then, will be not doing it sooner.


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