Filters of Childhood

As I bolted out of a deep sleep the other night, the only words that came to mind were, “Filters of our Childhood.” And I knew EXACTLY what that meant.

First of all, I have realized that I’m most creative when I’m sleeping, so I have started a note memo in my phone for all the ideas that come up in the middle of the night. I write them down so I can go back to sleep, If I don’t, I write the entire story right then and there.

Second of all, not all items I write down are amazing. For example; ‘Reporting live from my chair.’ I have yet to see where that one comes from.

Now, for what I mean by “filters of our childhood.” I have solved the great life question about filters on your phone and on pictures when you take selfies. Yes, this is a thing. Some people absolutely hate when people take selfies, or when they use filters. Or both. Hear me out.

When we were little, our lives were shaded with rose colored glasses. Remember when you would see your elementary teacher out in public. You were like, ‘wait a minute…you don’t live at the school?” It was weird right? Your ‘filter’ was a perception of what you thought the teachers did.

Or when you saw your parents a certain way. Remember when you first saw them do something that didn’t fit your perception? You thought to yourself, ‘who are these people?’ They are people, more than your parents. They have lives of their own that they live as well. They became all new people to you.

IMG_5257When we take selfies and use filters, we are fixing things to our perception to feel like we did when we were children. We want to see things that are the way we want to see them, not how they truly are.

I suppose if you want to diagnose the situation, you would say there are issues with growing older and you are running from reality. I’m not a doctor, but I just gave you $5 million dollar diagnosis there.

I always like creating my own reality, because I know what the truth is. Life has been rough, hard, fun, exciting, scary and so many other things. So when I take a picture, and use a filter, I am creating my world, creating what makes me happy and makes me smile.

How about you? 



One thought on “Filters of Childhood

  1. Dawen says:

    Funny……My parents and my parenting style have always been on the mom/human being side. My parents never sheltered me….I was included in adult situations when necessary. But you have to understand…it was a different world. My parents never used foul language….my dad had a bottle of 30 year old scotch in the house for 20 years….my mom didn’t drive…and I was an only child. I was doing professional theatre and dance at a pretty young age too. No blinders or screens here.
    My daughter was raised for the most part, the same way. I never sheltered her from life…I explained it to her. I’m glad I did.

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