Lasagna for One Please

One of my favorite meals of all times is lasagna. My number one problem of all time is I don’t eat leftovers. So when I make this amazing meal, half the pan goes to waste. I have found that if I make the meal in a smaller plan, there is less to waste. I still have an issue with wasting so much food. I think I get that from my grandpa and parents. Waste nothing!

So there I was, surging the world wide web and I found this amazing site called Pinterest and found some great ideas for making personal meals throughout the week.

Here is mine that I tried!

Make lasagna like normal, as if you were to put it in a 9×13 pan.

* One jar of spaghetti Sauce
* 1 lb hamburger
* 9 Lasagna noodles (break three inches off the ends)
* 2 packs of mozzarella

IMG_6208Buy three containers that are roughly 3×10 inches. They sell them in the cooking isle apparently.


Spray with Pam.
Instead of putting your lasagna into a pan, put each row into one of the smaller containers and build it as if you would lasagna. (Noodle, sauce, cheese, noodle, sauce, cheese, noodle sauce, cheese)


Then bake at 350 degrees. Leave in for about 30-45 minutes and then cook with the foil off for 10 minutes. Since these are single rows, the time will vary on how quickly it will cook.



The other two containers go into the freezer and can be pulled out any time you are ready for another amazing meal.

Instructions for frozen meals:

  • Pull out of freezer
  • Call my mom and find out how long to cook it

(Right now I am trying one hour at 350 degrees.)


What are you Waiting for?

What are you waiting for

You wake up and you are 60

Close your eyes at night

In fear of seeing tomorrow

Cringe at the thought of failure

Run from the sight of success

Yesterday you were in daycare

Worrying about lunchtime meals

Today you hugged your grandchild

Who smiled so sweet at you

Why do we close our eyes

Run from the future we don’t know

Why do we cringe at the thought of life

Happening to us so slow

We wait for something great to come

Always sitting by the side

We often have a several excuses

Nothing worthy of an answer

Sitting on the porch and suddenly you’re 90

Your life plays back a picture, slow and steady

As each frame passes, there is little regret

Some glimpses cause pain

Others make your heart smile

How did you make it through life not knowing

How do you find a way

What makes you different from all others

How is it you make this world your place

Today your great grandchild is born

Their path in life to come

What stories, strength and love to pass

Will you leave it to the next generation

Life isn’t about how you lived it

It’s about what you left behind

Be a story that goes on for ages

One your children begin to tell

Live each day with fullness

Ever wishing for greatness

Never settle

Never quit

Always be humble

You are living your story now

What are you waiting for

Winner! Winner!

Flashback a few years. 

You are around 8 – 10 years old. You are doing your homework at the kitchen table. Being forced by your parents to complete it before you can go outside and play.

After 8 hours of school, it is sooooooo hard to get it done. Then you think to yourself…

“This would be so much easier if I had a fancy pen. Not just any pen. One of those gel pens. It has different colors. I would write my spelling words so perfect!”

You would ace your homework for sure! It would be so easy to do. Just then you hear on the TV, “NOW featuring Gel Pens that GLOW IN THE DARK!”

Of course! You think to yourself. That is exactly what I need to get my homework done. AND I can do it at night in the dark. Mom would be so impressed when she woke up and all my homework was done. So you get up your courage and you ask.

“No.” Man! It’s like that is the only word in her vocabulary. I’ll go ask dad.
“Go ask your mom.” Sigh.

You think changing my strategy might help, maybe when we are out shopping, we can try and get one.

So you sit back down and struggle through your homework. Thinking about how great it will be when you get that gel pen.

Life lesson: You never buy the gel pens. You still get your homework done and the world goes on.

Flash forward to the present. 

Exciting news! When you live on your own and make your own money, your mom and dad can’t say no.

So…I bought a new keyboard and mouse for my iMac and I am so excited! Almost as excited as if I got those gel pens.




Kid in a candy store moment.

I’ll let you know how it goes after my mom calls me when she reads this. Wish me luck!


Ya, I get it Mom! Gosh.

Never let something knock you down. Even for a minute. If it happens. It is ok. It’s how you get back up. It truly is. Blah blah blah.

But I guess it’s true.

I have always told myself I will give myself five minutes to cry it out, be angry, and hate the world. Then I must jump back into action. Life is too short to live in a pity party.

I don’t know if it is from watching my family and everything they have gone through, or just something internal. When life gives you lemons, open up that lemonade stand and get money for it!

I left my job on a Thursday at 11:48 a.m. I had no plan. I had no options. I did have a car! So I got into it, and had my moment. And I mean I lost it. Like when a little kid doesn’t get their favorite toy at the store for the fifth time in a row and the world is going to end kind of lost it. And I called my mom. They always make everything better. My mom’s favorite phrase to me is “Put on your big girl panties and deal with it.” She even made me a cake once. After a little pep talk, I took action.

I’m being 100% transparent, because I want others to be able to learn from my failures and from my successes. If one sentence I write changes someone’s life for the better, then my mission in this world is complete. I have nothing to hide. This is who I am, who I will always be. Yet tomorrow, I will be even greater. 

So to continue, I got home 30 minutes later; I emailed 300 of my contacts and shared I was ready for a new opportunity. I then messaged everyone I could think of on LinkedIn and asked if they had any connections or referrals. I also applied to 40 jobs. I wasn’t going to sit around and let life happen to me. I was going to make life happen.

By that afternoon, I had a few leads on jobs and went on interviews on Friday. I was offered a job the next week. I thought to myself, “well that’s not how this works.” So I put it off.

The next week I was contacted again. My thought, “No one wants me that bad.”

Then thoughts began to fill my mind; with possibilities that life can actually go as planned once you take action. It was new for me. Life has never worked that way. I have felt for much of my working career I was working upstream. I was fighting the current. Looking back, I was growing, maturing and learning. Some lessons the hard way. This happened too easily, I thought to myself.

I’m not writing this to share with you things were just handed to me. I am sharing with you how much work you need to put into something in order to get something out. What was ‘handed to me in my mind’ was because of those 300 contacts I had grown over the last 8 years. Those I messaged on LinkedIn I have worked closely with. I have had to built integrity, kept my word and put them first. Because of that, I had an alliance that was willing to be there to help pick me back up and put me on a new track in life.

Every moment, ever decision, every thought, leads to something in your lifetime. It may not happen overnight, but at one point, you will look back and think, “this is how it is paying off.” For those times you think nothing will pay off, it s the experience itself that will teach more than you will ever need to know.

So with that I say, get back up! Get back in the fight! Get Going! The only thing you have to lose is time.




Today’s life lesson is brought to you by eggs. Not farm fresh, but still delicious eggs.

This morning, I decided, to make an omlete. Why not? I have the day off. Growing up, my dad was always the one to make our breakfast food at home. His specialty was egg on toast and omelets. My mom would be in charge of the pancakes and french toast. I’ve always watched. Waited for the food to be put on the table. Sometimes I had to set the table. Tough life.

So today, I thought, I can totally do that. I’ve watched it happen a million times.

Here’s how mine turned out. (Fun side note: ham is from the salad I was going to make two weeks ago and never did…)


Note this is a frying pan, not an egg pan. It was big. The size of a plate. :/

A few things I learned:

  1. Practice will make perfect, one day, I am sure.
  2. I pry didn’t need four eggs. Apparently my folks must split that up into many omelets.
  3. I didn’t absolutely fail. I was able to eat it.

Why am I sharing this story?

So many times we shut ourselves down before we give us a chance. My head tells me no more than the public does. My head tells me I will fail, a lot more than actual failure happens. Why am I so scared to try? Why not say yes? What is the worst that could happen?

Have you ever wanted to try something? Had the urge to eat something, but chickened out when it came to making it? Want to go sky diving but just can’t pull the trigger?

Do it!

Try it!

You never know what you can learn.

Maybe one day it will become the one thing that brings you the most happiness. Your regret then, will be not doing it sooner.

It’s Go Time


The sun sets this evening,

Something I’ve never dread.

Looking for tomorrow,

Missing what’s in my head.

If this all emptied,

Would my heart go as well?

I can’t find the answer,

My eyes begin to swell.

I need a guide, a little plan,

A roadmap for success,

Getting lost at every curve,

My cry must digress.

I pull up strength

From deep within,

I fight for justice,

I fight for the win.

Eyes wiped shut,

Ready to open anew,

Complacency can go,

Ready for this view.

I’m ready for every chance,

I’m ready for every turn,

No matter what may come,

No matter what may burn.

I will always fight for all,

Never faltering my stride.

My eyes may sometimes swell,

But my strength will outweigh my pride.

By: Kristin Marthaler

Melancholy Malarky


Without realizing it, melancholy sets in. It doesn’t give you a warning. Doesn’t write you a memo. A secretary doesn’t call you to warn that it would be coming. It is just there. You were blindsided. Now what do you do?

First of all, find out if your life is set in a routine. Is it a good routine or bad routine? For example, as a single woman, you need to change up your schedule; when you come and go from your apartment, to ensure it is hard for someone to know your schedule. Changing up your plans, leaving at different times, can help deter stalkers or intruders. It is a lot easier for them to attack if they know your every move. Thank you Law and Order: SVU.

What is good routine? Your family gets home from work and school, you all sit down and have supper together. That is a fantastic routine, that you should keep. We’ll save that discussion for another day.

I personally believe it’s hard to get out of a routine, rut or ‘blah zone’ until you realize you are in one. After leaving my job, I spent the first day I was free, completely rearranging my furniture in the living room. It had sat the same way for a year and a half. I would constantly get, “why is your TV so far away?” Well, that is where I put it when I moved in. So, it has to be there.

But did it? Why didn’t I rearrange in the past? Was I scared of change? Lazy? What was it? 

I was in a rut. My life had become melancholy and I had gotten used to it. That first free day gave me a whole new point of view. A whole new view on my job, my personal life and my living situation.

One thing I learned, A LOT of people walk by my apartment outside. No wonder Sammy is always freaking out. I thought it was just our neighbor cat, who does it on purpose.

The second thing I learned was, it is refreshing. It was OK. I didn’t die when I did it. I didn’t have complete chaos in my life because of it. I tried something new. I happened to like it, so I am keeping it that way. For now.

Why does such a big life change, make a furniture rearranging situation such an eye opener?

Now onto my next fear, having my back to the door. I always have to sit facing the door. You know, because of the mafia.

Until next time.


Leadership Week: Ellen Able

head partbody2

This week at Tangent we are highlighting leaders that have a proven success record. Today’s leader is Ellen Able from Lakeville, Minnesota. She demonstrates and embodies what it takes to become a real leader in the community.

When she isn’t attending her children’s games, selling a home, or participating in one of her many organizations, Ellen is there supporting her friends and family.

Ellen became a licensed real estate professional in Feb of 2006 at Edina Reality. 

What defines a leader according to Ellen, “someone who is not only concerned about their job and business but always has the companies and other peoples best interested in mind as well.  Someone who is always trying to make other people better.”

This is something that is evident in Ellen’s actions each day. Most ask, how does she have time for this? She also has a great ability to make every feel they are the most important in that moment.

Words she lives by, “always treat all people equal and treat them the way you would want to be treated. Respect goes a long way.”

As some have learned, success doesn’t come easy. It isn’t handed to you. Ellen moved to Minnesota with her husband and three children 15 years ago. She knew no one in town, no friends, or family. “It was a tough transition but once we got settled, I started networking and beginning my business, and I am now one of the top 10 agents in my office.”

Determination, drive and tenacity is Ellen’s middle name.

What makes her so successful?

“My attention to detail,  the systems that I have put together to run my business ( all transactions are run the same), and the passion that I have for my clients in making sure they completely understand the whole real estate transaction that they are embarking on.”

That is why Ellen is a leader in her field.


*** Ellen, thank you for sharing your story. Your words will help someone else! Thank you! ***

Leadership Week: Corey Schuler



This week at Tangent we are focusing on highlighting strong leaders in the community in the ti-state area. Today we introduce you to Corey Schuler of Hudson, Wisconsin.

Corey has been the Director of Metabolic Treatment Center since 2011. When he isn’t focused on his treatment center, he is volunteering in the community, taking care of his son and supporting his wife and 10 year old son.

Serving as a public figure Dr. Schuler seeks these words of wisdom, “[Don’t] always take yourself so seriously. Business is serious. Responsibilities are serious. You have to have some room in your life to play and laugh.”

Though Dr. Schuler has an extensive background including; being certified nutrition specialist and board-certified clinical nutritionist, and chiropractic doctor. He completed his masters of science in human nutrition at the University of Bridgeport and received doctoral training in behavioral health interventions through Arizona State University and completed a doctorate in botanical medicine. He is a Fellow of the American Association of Integrative Medicine (FAAIM) and currently serves in Clinical Affairs for Integrative Therapeutics and adjunct assistant professor for the School of Applied Clinical Nutrition at New York Chiropractic College. He practices integrative medicine at Hudson Headache clinic and Metabolic Treatment Center in Western Wisconsin.A leader is someone who inspires others. Leadership has very little to do with title or position, credentials or even experience. (Facebook Bio. 2016)

After all of that, he doesn’t believe titles define who you are as a leader. Leaders run into trials and tribulations along with the rest of the world. All striving to be the leading change.

“I’ve overcome my own struggles with burnout and feelings of inadequacy and just straight up insecurities about being able to do my job. As an entrepreneurial spirit, I’ve often had to suppress the “entrepreneurial seizure” as Michael Gerber describes. I’ve moved my family multiple times. We’ve lived in 6 homes in 11 years of marriage which is a significant stress that I’ve added to all the normal stresses of modern life. I have a school aged son who I try to spend as much time as possible with. Being a successful in business and as a parent is the ultimate juggling act.”

So how do you turn all of that into success?

“I’m successful in clinical practice because I am excessively persistent. When a patient isn’t getting results or is hitting a wall with their goals, I’ve got my nose in books and journals, I’m on the phone with colleagues and experts, and I’m posting questions on interdisciplinary forums to get a different perspective. That type of persistence provides similar results when it comes to running a business and building a brand.”

Even when you are wanting it the most, sometimes what matters more, is being true to yourself.

“I starting seeing the most significant success when I just started being my authentic self in everything I did. I was at a “mastermind” group with peers that were much more advanced than me and I basically didn’t fit in there. I made a few good deep connections but ultimately I didn’t take full advantage of meeting all of these great people because I was too worried about what they might think about me. Ever since then, I’ve been my best self. I was presenting with one of the biggest names in our industry. Instead of letting her lead, I jumped in where I knew my expertise would shine and let go of my fears and used the humor and presentation style I was most comfortable with rather than molding to her style. It turned out to be just great! We became instant friends and have done multiple projects since then. It solidified the idea that I had to be my best self rather than trying to be someone else or follow someone else’s path. Another thing I did that helped me be successful is reducing my reading of self-help books and reading fiction novels instead. That was a big shift for me that has proven itself effective in a myriad of ways!”

For more information about Dr. Schuler and leading by example, you can visit his website here!



*** Corey, thank you for your open and honest feedback. What you have shared will make a difference in someone’s life! ***

Leadership Week: Codi Hanson


12033707_10156053995625263_99818008_nThis week on the Tangent Blog we are discussing leaders and how they impact their surroundings. One of the greatest kind of leaders, are ones who lead by example. They live their life and fulfill their daily duties without expecting to be a leader or shown as a leader.

Today’s leader is Codi Hanson from Watertown, South Dakota. Codi is a mother to two children and wife to Justin. Both work at Premier Bankcard in town. Codi has worked there for 15 years, spending the last 6 years in her current position. She has become a leader in her organization, community and church.

When Codi isn’t taking her children to activities, she is volunteering at her church and in the community as well as helping her husband’s band Our Therapy.

Her words of wisdom on how she keeps going, “smile and be positive! It’s infectious!!  And it never hurts to sprinkle in some humor.”

Codi sees a leader being someone who is, “trustworthy, responsible, respectful, and dependable. Someone who steps up without being asked.”
Her definition of leadership is exactly who she is as a human being. She is there whenever she is needed, has great advice for others and wants truly the best for everyone. Success and leadership doesn’t come easy. Codi has learned, sometimes you have to be at the right place at the right time.

“Sometimes I feel so passionate about something that I don’t speak my mind at an appropriate time or place.  I have matured definitely in that aspect.”

When looking at leaders, we forget that they have struggled to get where they are as well. Things don’t come easily or get handed to everyone. They have had the same struggles and tribulations the rest of us do, in some cases, even more. One thing that makes them amazing is how they handle it and how they recover from their situations. Definitely people to learn from.

Hear why Codi believes she’s successful, “I feel successful because I’m a wife, mother of two and I hold a full time job. My children are in after school activities.  As a family we enjoy volunteering in our community.  My family is also very active in our church.  I feel my husband and I have been good examples for our children on how to lead a well rounded life.”

Her friends, family and colleagues couldn’t agree more.



*** Codi, thank you for sharing your story. Your information will help and inspire others!***