Trip of a Lifetime

At the end of January, beginning of February, we went on a trip of a lifetime. Our entire family went to Mexico! Going to Mexico wasn’t the most amazing part, what was amazing, was the people that we were with that made it special.

You can sit on any beach in the world and have amazing memories of the waves rolling in, free drinks being brought to you and the warm sun shinning down on your face.

But what you don’t get, that I got out of this trip, was memories. Amazing ones!

First of all, my cousin Phillip got married to Ms. Kelley! It was a gorgeous wedding!


Spent some quality time with siblings and my nephew!

Watched other people go scuba diving.


Became best friends with Laurie.


Found out my Uncle Dwayne is the head of the Mafia.


Realized Wes will do anything I say.


Invented this beauty:


And most importantly, my family learned, I am not good in the ocean.



All in all, it was an amazing experience, and something I will not soon forget. Love to all!





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