Happy Birthday!!!

  Happy 9th birthday to the sweetest, cutest, most caring and most creative kid I know! I am so glad God put you in my life! Being your godmother and watching you grow up is the most amazing experience in the world!!! I love you to the moon and back, around Mars, two loops around the sun and to the farthest star, then back again. You are my world! ❤️❤️



Sarcasm Saves the Day

Some would call it a day from hell. Others would call it, well a day from hell. Excuse my language right now, but I am about at the end of my capacity for the day. Here is how awesome it was. (Total sarcasm).

  1. Work meeting that didn’t go as well as planned.
  2. One hour wait at the DMV.
  3. Stabbed my eye socket with one of those fancy pens. (Literally had it hanging out of my head when I stood up and had to pull it out.)
  4. Sent Sammy to the farm to week and he is barking more than ever. (Don’t know what to do)
  5. Got a speeding ticket.

So by now you can see what type of day I had. Oh, and I forgot to eat. I must have forgot to type that because I am so famished right now. Again, please note the sarcasm or this blog is pointless.

Instead of going home and opening a beer and wallowing in my pity, I am going to look at it this way:

  1. Learning moment, even if it didn’t go my way, I can take something away from it and learn.
  2. My hour wait was way easier than Negative Nancy’s hour wait. She apparently blames the DMV for making her renew her tabs and even though she waited until the last day of the month, it is again the DMV’s issue for making her do it. (Several sighs ensued).
  3. My eye hurts. Bad! I am so thankful that didn’t go through the middle of my eyeball. As my cousin said, I am pretty, but I can’t pull off being one eyed.
  4. This one still bugs me. I hate that he isn’t a good dog, I hate that it annoys everyone.
  5. It took me 16 years, and 5 of them in the cities to get a speeding ticket. I am impressed!

All in all, I really want to make a motion that it is Middle Finger Tuesday. But things happen. Life happens. It’s all how you deal with it that determines your stress level, blood pressure and beverage consumption.



Disclaimer – For those of you that truly had a bad day, I feel for you. I hope this blog brings a smile to your face, even if for an instant.

Also, if you couldn’t envision the pain of the pen – here is a photo of it. Enjoy! 🙂