Didn’t See That Coming!

As I sit, routinely watching TV, eating the same type of food I do every night and considering whether or not to put the bark collar back on my dog, I drift to thinking about accomplishments.

Everyone has a list of the top ten things they want to get out of life. If you don’t, I highly recommend you make one. I made one in 2008 when I started at National American University and have checked off two of the items.

For those of you that plan, you know you can make an excel spreadsheet about where you want to go and what you want to do in life, it really comes down to your thoughts. What are you putting out into the world?
There was a point in my life where I kept saying, “I am not going to be like…” I found myself years later being like them. I kept putting it out into the world and ended up turning into the one thing I didn’t want to become.Without actively thinking about it, I have done the same thing, but it has ended in a positive situation.

I have always looked to mentors and leaders in groups to see how they behave and how I should act to move up in that group. I love leading a team to goals and seeing the group succeed. I love identifying the pros and cons of an organization and seeing what I can contribute.
I joined a group four years ago for work. I didn’t understand a single thing the group talked about, other than the fact that it dealt with my profession and I needed to pay attention. I knew I needed to stick it out in this group as I didn’t understand it. I needed to grow and push myself to figure out what they were talking about. Four years later I feel confident in telling you I understand 60% of what is going on. It deals with government. Who really 100% gets it?Last week I found myself presenting to the group about the updated website I had done and the new communications plan I had created. They, I am sure were being polite, but only had great things to say about what I had done. They were excited and thrilled. I had accomplished something great without actively striving for it.

I also learned a valuable lesson. Just because you don’t understand something, or because it is out of your comfort zone, doesn’t mean you should disregard. You could grow from the experience and find a niche where you can contribute. Trust me, with this group, I never saw this being an outcome. However, I am glad it is.



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