I’m not Crying!

tumblr_lqf54e1yHv1qi5un4o1_500With technology as intense as it is, the human brain no longer has to think as hard as it once did. Your brain now thinks in a different kind of way, and in some instances, has to work in overdrive for how quickly information is coming to you.

I used to joke with my neighbor Hank that he met his bride after he rode to the next town via horse. He would laugh and say, ‘No a buggy.’ Then he would explain he did have a car and he would drive to go see her. He would call her house and have to ask her out. Now, you look at a bunch of random faces online and swipe left or right.

As your mind has found a way to change overtime, so do bodies. The reason I am bringing this up is my body doesn’t know to conference call my brain when it’s ready to shut down.
When I have a million things going on in my world and I am processing and trying to complete the object at hand, my body will shut down when it thinks I have had too much. My mind can give it a pep talk all it wants, but at the end of the day, a body does what a body does.

Today, I went to work super excited about a meeting I was having. I was identifying topics I would bring up, then thought about work and what I could do to make it a better work experience for everyone, THEN I thought about what I need to do at home and what clothes I need to wear for the rest of the week. Before I knew it my eye was watering uncontrollably.

My eye doesn’t water due to allergies, I take medicine for that. It is my cue from my body letting me know I am holding too much in or I need to execute a few projects so my mind can take a break.

It is amazing how your mind is coming up with all these ideas, yet at the same time telling your body it needs to shut down and get some sleep. I am fascinated by the fact that the two work in unison, yet separately.

Dear Brain, just let me keep working. Love Kristin. Wish it was that simple!

How do you destress? How do you know when your body needs to take a break? When is enough, enough?

‘Cuz, I’m not ready to stop.

Love KJM


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