Decisions, Decisions

fight_eating_disorders_aWhen you have a busy day job or you are taking care of your children, which is a job within itself, you find yourself constantly making decisions. So I have noticed, when it comes to small decisions at home, I tend to stay in the same mindset as when at work.


Q: Do I need the larger slice of pizza?

My thought: What is the ROI if I do choose the larger slice? Will there be enough for tomorrow? Am I full? Should I save this for lunch tomorrow? Do I really want pizza twice in a row? Of course I do. Moving on…

Then the other side of the brain wakes up and yells at me, “Just take the damn slice!”

Another example was today after work, I filled up with gas and picked a new air freshener.

Q: Which air freshener scent should I get?

My thought: If I get new car smell, it will help me think my car is still new, and want to make the monthly payments. During rush hour I would love to smell the ocean breeze, so that would be nice for the drive.

Then the other side of the brain wakes up and yells at me, “New car smell! You always get New car smell!”

Why does our brain make such simple decisions so difficult? What are some situations where you have found yourself pondering for several minutes when you know what you are going to do all along, or the answer is a moot point?

I would love to hear!



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