Dad’s Day!

11415486_10100534686042846_67064133577637182_oFather’s day has always been a little awkward for me. I have a dad. I have two dads. Father’s Day makes me feel like I have to decide which one I love more. I know they would never make me choose, but that is how it feels. I know that I am considered lucky, having two that love me, but there is more to it. To simplify it for this blog, I believe one gave me all the genes that makes me who I am and the other one raised me, even through the crappy years. You know, 8-16 years old.
Being a dad isn’t a job that is just handed to everyone. To me a father is someone who created you, a dad is someone who made you who you are.

My dad that raised me since I was five has had a lot of influence on my life. He made sure my writing was perfect, my spelling was on point and that I minded my manners. He taught me what welding was, how crushing rocks work, how to easily draw a diagram of a project and the importance of patience.
Because he’s been such a great dad, he has made the standard of me finding a significant other a lot higher.

Essentially, I just want someone who is not on oxygen. I’m scared those tanks will blow up.

He has made me realize that I am worth more than that.

I deserve someone like him who (is):

  1. Loving no matter of your choices
  2. Forgiving when you sell prized possessions
  3. Stern when you need to do the right thing
  4. Thoughtful of others
  5. Loves more than a heart possibly can
  6. Laughs in a high pitched giggle uncontrollably
  7. Tells others he is ready for the aliens whenever they are
  8. Can create amazingness out of a few little pieces of wood or metal
  9. Will take the burnt food or the butt of the bread because they actually like it
  10. Have a passion for others that is matched by no other

On this Father’s Day, I’m wishing a happy Dad’s Day, to Jim. A man who I am lucky to have in my life. If I found a man half the man he is, I would be the luckiest girl in the world.

Lots of Love,



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