The Day is Yours!

Dear Graduates,

Today is the day! Before you knew it, you woke up today and it’s time to walk across the stage at graduation. graduate1Life didn’t happen for you that easily, we know that.

A lot in life happens in the blink of an eye. Your children grow up, you change jobs, get married or buy a house. This time, you got an education. Think back on your journey, I am sure it wasn’t an easy one. It wasn’t for myself, it took me several years to complete something that should have been done in two years. But life happened.

What gave you the determination, strength and courage to fight all the way thorough the classes and end up at graduation? What was inside of you that kept pushing you to succeed? How did you know this is what you were meant to do?

I want to applaud you for those skills. It isn’t something that can be learned, it is just something inside of you. You chose to overcome your objections, roadblocks and barriers to ensure you laid out a great future for yourself and in many cases, your family. You made the decision to be where you are today.

Be proud to be graduating from National American University. Be proud you have an education. Be proud that you can now start your future with newfound knowledge. Pass on that pride and that courage to others. There are others just like you who are stuck, who don’t know what to do, who can’t get off the couch. There are others like you who don’t have an internal drive to get started. You do, you can pass it on. Give them the courage, give them the drive. Show them that education can happen.

You made it happen.

Knowledge is one thing that can never be taken away from you. Inspire others every day as someone is in great need of it. There are times when you inspire others and don’t even know it. Keep reaching for your dreams and your goals! You are the perfect person to make it happen!

Best of luck with your future and in everything you do.




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