God Gave Me You!

Dear Six year old Kristin,

It is currently 25 years later. It is like a lot of your birthdays later. I wanted to let you know a few things that will be happening in your life.

This afternoon, mom is going to marry a man named James R Erickson. He’ll be a bald man, a little goofy, but really nice to you. He will play games with you and Michelle and get in trouble sometimes from mom for goofing off too much. He will know how to grill, help you with your homework and make funny noises when he’s in charge of helping you fall asleep.
Today will be confusing, you will cry because everyone else is and not fully understand why you are wearing this beautiful blue gown. Trust me, when you get older, it will make sense. Today, just live in the moment, have fun and enjoy the day. There are going to be so many things that happen to you in the future, this Jim guy is going to be there for all of it.

AND! In one year, you will no longer be the baby in the family!

…..Let me let you finish processing that…

We good? I know it’s a shock. You are really good at being the baby and getting what you want. You will like her though. Mom will make you do weird things like watch her, make sure she keeps breathing and play with her. You will think it is pretty awful for a while but it gets better. You two grow up to be best friends. Real sisters. Trust me, it still kind of baffles you 25 years later.

Jim is going to teach you how to write nicely. You will get mad at him, and throw a fit, but it pays off years later when he looks at you and says, “nice handwriting Kristin, where did you get that from?” And you will simply answer, “You,” with a  smile.

He will build you a mean Two Scoot for a science fair. You won’t place, but you have a great time making it with him and he enjoyed spending time with you.

Heads up, he did not enjoy you selling his welding art, so if you get this in time, don’t have a garage sale like Michelle suggests. Or if you do, don’t sell Jim’s stuff for twenty five cents.

As you grow up he will be there for the highs and lows in life. He makes mom very happy and has been there to raise your nephew. Yes, you will have a nephew named Ryan who is your world. He will live with grandpa and grandma his whole life, it will be awesome.

His family is also pretty cool. Don’t call them “step” family. They don’t like that. You will only make that mistake one time, no worries.

Today, I am sitting in Grand Marais, Minnesota writing you this letter from a hotel overlooking the lake. Grandma and Grandpa are here with Michelle and her boyfriend, Jessie and Ryan. We are having a great time celebrating their 25th anniversary.

It’s time to go, I will write you letters in the future. Remember to live life to the fullest, be nice to Jim and love your family unconditionally. Cut Jessie some slack and enjoy the hugs with your mother. If she asks you to go on a walk go, it won’t kill you.

  Love KJM


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