I’m Talking to You!

see-lonely-sad-painI’m not sure where I am going with this post – I just know it needs to be said. There are random times in my life where I just get this feeling or this sense, and today is one of those days. Maybe it’s in my head, maybe it is not. But I feel I need to say it.

There are times where you get into your day and think: “I can’t. I’m done. This just isn’t going to happen.”

To you I say: “You can, you aren’t and it will!”

It tends to feel like when we need someone, they are not there. You are left to fight your battle alone.

Obviously you are alone in that moment, as you are the only one in the room.

But you are not alone, you do not have to fight alone and you do not have to survive alone.

When you are at the lowest point, the hardest moment or the toughest decision, reach out your hand and ask for help. Ask for support. The one thing I have learned the hard way this last year is when you are at your lowest point, or darkest corner, that is when you will really find the people who care. No matter how dark your corner, or how low your point, someone is always there. Someone loves you. Someone wants to see your smile on your face the next day. Someone looks up to you. Someone can’t wait to see you.

Regardless if you are just having a bad day, a bad year, or life just doesn’t seem to get better, remember “You can succeed, you aren’t alone and it will get better!”
I believe in you and all you can accomplish!


If you are thinking you need additional help that friends and family can not provide, you can always call the HELP line at 1 (800) 273-8255.



Sometimes you have to take an unconventional approach to make something conventional happen.

Trying to raise funds for my brother so he can complete his dream of becoming a diesel mechanic!


Didn’t See That Coming!

As I sit, routinely watching TV, eating the same type of food I do every night and considering whether or not to put the bark collar back on my dog, I drift to thinking about accomplishments.

Everyone has a list of the top ten things they want to get out of life. If you don’t, I highly recommend you make one. I made one in 2008 when I started at National American University and have checked off two of the items.

For those of you that plan, you know you can make an excel spreadsheet about where you want to go and what you want to do in life, it really comes down to your thoughts. What are you putting out into the world?
There was a point in my life where I kept saying, “I am not going to be like…” I found myself years later being like them. I kept putting it out into the world and ended up turning into the one thing I didn’t want to become.Without actively thinking about it, I have done the same thing, but it has ended in a positive situation.

I have always looked to mentors and leaders in groups to see how they behave and how I should act to move up in that group. I love leading a team to goals and seeing the group succeed. I love identifying the pros and cons of an organization and seeing what I can contribute.
I joined a group four years ago for work. I didn’t understand a single thing the group talked about, other than the fact that it dealt with my profession and I needed to pay attention. I knew I needed to stick it out in this group as I didn’t understand it. I needed to grow and push myself to figure out what they were talking about. Four years later I feel confident in telling you I understand 60% of what is going on. It deals with government. Who really 100% gets it?Last week I found myself presenting to the group about the updated website I had done and the new communications plan I had created. They, I am sure were being polite, but only had great things to say about what I had done. They were excited and thrilled. I had accomplished something great without actively striving for it.

I also learned a valuable lesson. Just because you don’t understand something, or because it is out of your comfort zone, doesn’t mean you should disregard. You could grow from the experience and find a niche where you can contribute. Trust me, with this group, I never saw this being an outcome. However, I am glad it is.


I’m not Crying!

tumblr_lqf54e1yHv1qi5un4o1_500With technology as intense as it is, the human brain no longer has to think as hard as it once did. Your brain now thinks in a different kind of way, and in some instances, has to work in overdrive for how quickly information is coming to you.

I used to joke with my neighbor Hank that he met his bride after he rode to the next town via horse. He would laugh and say, ‘No a buggy.’ Then he would explain he did have a car and he would drive to go see her. He would call her house and have to ask her out. Now, you look at a bunch of random faces online and swipe left or right.

As your mind has found a way to change overtime, so do bodies. The reason I am bringing this up is my body doesn’t know to conference call my brain when it’s ready to shut down.
When I have a million things going on in my world and I am processing and trying to complete the object at hand, my body will shut down when it thinks I have had too much. My mind can give it a pep talk all it wants, but at the end of the day, a body does what a body does.

Today, I went to work super excited about a meeting I was having. I was identifying topics I would bring up, then thought about work and what I could do to make it a better work experience for everyone, THEN I thought about what I need to do at home and what clothes I need to wear for the rest of the week. Before I knew it my eye was watering uncontrollably.

My eye doesn’t water due to allergies, I take medicine for that. It is my cue from my body letting me know I am holding too much in or I need to execute a few projects so my mind can take a break.

It is amazing how your mind is coming up with all these ideas, yet at the same time telling your body it needs to shut down and get some sleep. I am fascinated by the fact that the two work in unison, yet separately.

Dear Brain, just let me keep working. Love Kristin. Wish it was that simple!

How do you destress? How do you know when your body needs to take a break? When is enough, enough?

‘Cuz, I’m not ready to stop.

Love KJM

Decisions, Decisions

fight_eating_disorders_aWhen you have a busy day job or you are taking care of your children, which is a job within itself, you find yourself constantly making decisions. So I have noticed, when it comes to small decisions at home, I tend to stay in the same mindset as when at work.


Q: Do I need the larger slice of pizza?

My thought: What is the ROI if I do choose the larger slice? Will there be enough for tomorrow? Am I full? Should I save this for lunch tomorrow? Do I really want pizza twice in a row? Of course I do. Moving on…

Then the other side of the brain wakes up and yells at me, “Just take the damn slice!”

Another example was today after work, I filled up with gas and picked a new air freshener.

Q: Which air freshener scent should I get?

My thought: If I get new car smell, it will help me think my car is still new, and want to make the monthly payments. During rush hour I would love to smell the ocean breeze, so that would be nice for the drive.

Then the other side of the brain wakes up and yells at me, “New car smell! You always get New car smell!”

Why does our brain make such simple decisions so difficult? What are some situations where you have found yourself pondering for several minutes when you know what you are going to do all along, or the answer is a moot point?

I would love to hear!


Dad’s Day!

11415486_10100534686042846_67064133577637182_oFather’s day has always been a little awkward for me. I have a dad. I have two dads. Father’s Day makes me feel like I have to decide which one I love more. I know they would never make me choose, but that is how it feels. I know that I am considered lucky, having two that love me, but there is more to it. To simplify it for this blog, I believe one gave me all the genes that makes me who I am and the other one raised me, even through the crappy years. You know, 8-16 years old.
Being a dad isn’t a job that is just handed to everyone. To me a father is someone who created you, a dad is someone who made you who you are.

My dad that raised me since I was five has had a lot of influence on my life. He made sure my writing was perfect, my spelling was on point and that I minded my manners. He taught me what welding was, how crushing rocks work, how to easily draw a diagram of a project and the importance of patience.
Because he’s been such a great dad, he has made the standard of me finding a significant other a lot higher.

Essentially, I just want someone who is not on oxygen. I’m scared those tanks will blow up.

He has made me realize that I am worth more than that.

I deserve someone like him who (is):

  1. Loving no matter of your choices
  2. Forgiving when you sell prized possessions
  3. Stern when you need to do the right thing
  4. Thoughtful of others
  5. Loves more than a heart possibly can
  6. Laughs in a high pitched giggle uncontrollably
  7. Tells others he is ready for the aliens whenever they are
  8. Can create amazingness out of a few little pieces of wood or metal
  9. Will take the burnt food or the butt of the bread because they actually like it
  10. Have a passion for others that is matched by no other

On this Father’s Day, I’m wishing a happy Dad’s Day, to Jim. A man who I am lucky to have in my life. If I found a man half the man he is, I would be the luckiest girl in the world.

Lots of Love,


Summer Equals Reading, Right?

When you say the term ‘summer’, a lot of people think of the season, fresh breeze, warm air, swimming, boating and gardening. One thing that comes to mind for me, that isn’t usually on the list for most, is reading. Yes, I said it. Reading.
Ever since I was little, my aunt would take me for a week in the summer, and the first thing she would ask me is “what book are

I have passed the reading tradition onto my nephew. Thanks for being a role model Aunty JO JO!

                                                                                             I have passed the reading tradition onto my nephew. Thanks for being a role model Aunty JO JO!

you reading?” It took me a few times to realize I needed to beat her to the punch and already be reading a book by the time, so when she talked to me I could say, “Yes I am reading, and this is the book.”

Because of that habit formed in the early years, I to this day, smell the summer air and wonder what good book should I read?
My question to you, is one, do you make your children read books every summer and two, what books are you reading?

Let me know in the comments!


P.S. Thank you Aunty Jo Jo for influencing me to read every summer. I value those life lessons!

Why? Why? Why? But…why?


We all have those moments where we wonder why something is the way it is. What are some things that you ponder throughout the day, and never have found the answer to?

Mine include:

Why is there dust?
How does the washer make holes in my clothes?
Where do my socks go in the dryer?
Why is it liquor before beer you are in the clear, and beer before liquor makes you sicker? Always baffled me.
Why do dogs know exactly where to go the bathroom, but throw up only on nice things? Carpet, hardwood floor, company’s feet…
Why do the amazing people in our lives die young, and killers live to old age on death row?
Why do I get insomnia on Sunday nights?
Why does healthy food spoil quickly and cost money, when unhealthy food lasts forever and is cheap?
Why do I have to pay registration fees on a car? I already bought it. Done.
Who invented what side of the road to drive on?
Why do people clean their house before cleaning people come? Isn’t the point for them to clean?
Why aren’t there pizza flavored health shakes? Wouldn’t that make more sense?
Why is there writers block?
Why do people clean their cupboards when people come over? I personally have never opened a strangers cupboard. (Just the medicine cabinet to see if we are on the same meds).
Why do we have to grow up?

If you know the answer to any of these questions, please let me know. They have been on my mind for some time!

🙂 Hope your heart is smiling,

Thanks for the Nomination!

Thank you Bethany for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog Award!

To quote Bethany’s quote from her Run to Race: “This award is another friendly way of getting to know your fellow bloggers whilst helping to give your blog supportive and mainstream exposure, and of course some recognition for all of your hard work!”

The recipient’s participation is to then disclose 7 things about themselves.

  1. I’m addicted to my iPhone.
  2. I can recite every word from several Disney movies.
  3. I used to be a reporter.
  4. I hate when people are quiet. I can’t handle it.
  5. I love making people feel included and part of a team.
  6. I have no hobbies.
  7. I know I can do everything, until I try to do it and realize maybe I can’t.

Thank you to everyone who reads this blog and shares their comments! This is a great journey!

Middle Finger Monday!


Today is what I like to call Middle Finger Monday. When you leave work, as you walk away, your hand slowly rises, and certain finger wants to pop up. Instead, you wave and walk to your car.

Do I hate my job? No. Do I hate who I work with? No! Do I have my crabby pants on today? Yup!
There are some days where, no matter what you do, you just are pissed at the end of the day. Correction, annoyed. Everything annoys you.

Here is what annoyed me in 8 hours:

  1. The crabby lady in traffic that wasn’t paying attention.
  2. The door stop wouldn’t sit right under the door.
  3. My door was half open.
  4. The water for my glass was luke warm.
  5. My chair rolled over my purse strap.
  6. I had to count out change for a pop since I was out of quarters.
  7. Lunch was bla.
  8. My water was luke warm again.
  9. I parked too far away. (3 spots more than normal)
  10. My car was hot.

Ever had one of those days?


[Middle Finger]

I feel better.
Better luck tomorrow!