Car Dance Party? Yes Please!

Don’t act like you are normal. You know you aren’t. Well…if you are, stop judging those who are. Because weird people know how to have a great time!

I have been driving 45 minutes each way for work in 5 mph traffic. It has given me a lot of time to think which can be a good thing. However, for this blog it may have been a bad thing. Here’s a completion of some “Singing in your car moments,” I thought I would share.

Click below to watch!

Yes, this does look like a blast. If you too wish you could have this much fun, follow these few steps and you will be well on your way.

1. Pick your favorite jam.
2. Crank it up.
3. Let your voice sing in whatever range it picks.
4. Feel free to add moves, but remember, you are driving and not at a dance party.
5. Let yourself have fun.
Learn to live,


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