Third Annual Cousin Weekend


First off, thank you to everyone who has come here today. I am excited to be able to get all the cousins together and continue to welcome the new ones that join us.

My mom had said in an email the other day, that this is the year of the cousins. I believe that whole heartedly! So to celebrate, first I want to recognize the success of the amazing people here today:

Congratulations –

To Lizzy on making straight A’s and making the 9th grade volleyball team.

To Becky for passing her drivers test.

To Emily for having an amazing dance recital and making it into honors class for art and English.

To Trisha on the birth of the beautiful little Aurora.

To Aurora on sleeping and eating.

To Abby on a beautiful little boy and building your dream home.

To Amanda for being accepted to the teachers program.

To Charlotte for not sassing mommy today.

To Jessie for getting engaged to an amazing guy.

To Bria, for putting up with Jessie and daddy.

To Michelle for being promoted at Hardee’s.

And to the mother’s who created them all, nice work! Also, shout out to aunty JoJo on completing her principals certificate!

Now, please repeat after me:

I, Insert your name, will hold the honor of cousin near and dear to my heart. I may yell, get mad, knock something out of their hands or laugh until I pee my pants, but I will never stop loving my cousin.

I may get annoyed, frustrated they get the attention, or wish they were ugly, but at the end of the day, I will always love my cousin.

My mission in life, from this day forward, is to inspire and celebrate my cousins. To be the strength and guiding force into the future.

This I will do, tiara or not, until the end of time.

My cousin, has the best cousin ever.



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