Nice Work Grandma!


This is the last post I am going to do regarding ‘The Week of Mother’s’ as I want to spend time with family and enjoy the actual moments I can later write about.

Today, I want to pay tribute to the mother’s who made our mothers. Our grandmother’s. The most amazing people we will ever know. They created the worlds greatest human beings. Because of them, they have left a legacy for several generations to follow.

My grandmother taught me strength, courage and fighting for what you want. She taught me to see the beauty in any little thing and laugh with all of you have. She also taught me when to tell a good joke and when not to, that it’s okay to let your uncles have a little fun teasing you and the beauty that can be found in one small piece of wood. I wouldn’t have traded her for the world.

As the sun peeks over the hills

The hearts rise from the valley

Love drifts through the wind

Lifting the robin to higher heights

Memories grow fonder

As visions grow weaker

Small gestures awaken the soul

To find hidden miracles aloft

Tenured hands reach to touch

Stroking wishes Heaven bound

Lasting moments with fleeting thoughts

One more moment of you

Dedicated to Mother’s, past, present and future.



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