Welcome! I Don’t Feel Like Helping You.


These last few weeks I have been to the dentist more times than I have my entire adult life. A, because I only go every five years. B, Then I only go every six years after that.

I finally decided I would go and get a cleaning and take care of whatever needed to be done. No CAVITIES! Bam! Massive shock on my end, and even more on the dentists’ end when I said I drink two bottles of pop a day. Looks like all your ‘Pop will rot your teeth talk’ is a ruse.

Anyways, that is not the point of this blog, it is merely a bragging moment. Haha. The point of this blog is the amazing customer service this dental office has provided. I honestly feel like I could call any one of them right now and they would come over to help me. That is how amazing they make me feel EVERY time I walk in the door.

In the last two weeks, they have greeted me with a smile, offer of water and casual conversation while I wait for my appointment, every single time. Once I get into the room, the chair has a massage setting they ask if they can set. Then they ask if I want a leg or neck pillow. (Maybe that’s changed since the Granite Falls dentist days, but that is not how I remember it.)

They tell you what they are going to do before they do it, continually check that you are okay while they are performing the work and constantly assure you everything will be okay. It is amazing. I had to pay a huge bill with them and I didn’t even think twice. It was well worth every single penny.

Does your company operate like this? Do the customers get the exact same experience every time they walk through your door? There are so many times we can point out the bad customer service, or the people that make us not want to come back. But what about those places that are amazing? What about those people that go above and beyond in every step of their job. Without being fake…truly wanting to be there for the client.

When you think of assisting customers how many times have you thought:

  1. Stop talking already, I am so over this.
  2. Get your own water.
  3. Yes, I see you standing there, but do you see me working? You’ll have to wait!
  4. Do you not see my hands are full? Just sit down and I will help you soon.
  5. Where do you think the bathrooms are?

What if the person chatting, had you as their first interaction all day because they have been around their children, all under five, all week long. They are just dying for some adult conversation. Or the person that accepts the water because they just walked from the bus stop, a mile away. Or the person that see’s you are busy and have your hands full, but is just so excited about the product you offer they can’t wait. Same applies to number 5.

What if our assumption, bad mood, or lack of customer service happened to one of them? Why would they come back? Why would they invest?

Welcome, it’s nice to meet you, has a whole new meaning.

Always – KJM

P.S. The amazing dental agency is Partners in Dentistry. Click Here.


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