Big Nope! With a Side of Probably Not!

10410438_10100499347865836_3616450049690355041_nThe dating scene brings lots of fun questions like; why are you single? What’s wrong with you? What do you like? What are your hobbies? Blab la bla. If you ask me, what someone doesn’t like speaks volumes. I’m an easy going person. I like a lot of things and I will usually attempt to try new things once. I said attempt. I try to attempt to. Anyways!

So that got me to thinking, what is it in this world that bugs me and drives me absolutely nuts, that is also completely ridiculous? Having a roommate has brought a lot of it to light.

  1. I can be messy, but you cannot.
  2. Dishes have a place. Except Tupperware, no one stacks and keeps Tupperware neat.
  3. I have road rage. It has gotten worse since I moved to the cities. Merge. It’s called merging. Google it.
  4. I can’t stand on linoleum barefoot. It stresses me out. I have to be on a rug or towel. In a hotel, I have to have the towel on the ground in order to even go into the bathroom area.
  5. I don’t like dog saliva on me. Sammy doesn’t have any unless he drinks a lot of water. Then he isn’t allowed to come near me until it dries. He knows this, he understands. Everyone else should to.
  6. I hate when I don’t know my meal plans. I apparently was starved at some point in my childhood because as long as I can remember I have to know when my next meal will be. My mom would call home to check on us in the summer when I was little, it would be 10 a.m. and I would ask what was for supper. Was so NOT her favorite question.
  7. I can’t stand when people make a repetitive noise. I can easily pick up on random patterns of sound, if it continues longer than I wish, it makes me so mad.
  8. I hate slow walkers in a crowd. This should actually be listed as number one. If you are in a crowd, keep pace. If people are walking around you, you need to move.
  9. I can’t stand junk mail. I didn’t order you. You should not be in my mailbox.
  10. I don’t understand cleaning inside of cupboards or closets when company is coming. They shouldn’t open the doors. They are here to sit on my couch.

I hope you are laughing because these are completely ridiculous things that seriously stress me out! Sometimes it gets me so agitated I start sweating. All I can do is laugh about it though. And maybe go to anger management…


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